Is it Too Cold For Kids to Go Outside?

Is it Too Cold For Kids to Go Outside?

We know that thinking about the dropping temperatures is no fun. But ensuring that your child stays active in the winter months is very important to their health. Just because the temperatures are cold, doesn’t mean your kids have to stay indoors! Also, we like to break down winter’s temperatures into 3 zones, Green, Yellow, or Red.

  • Green Zone
    When the temperature is above 30 degrees. If you properly bundle your child with layers, hats, gloves, and scarves, they will be able to play comfortably outdoors. When your child has layers their body sweats so it is still very important to keep them hydrated. Also, because they may be sweating, it is important to watch for chills or shivering. This is an indication that it may be time to come in. It is recommended that after 40 minutes of playing outdoors in the green zone, that you take your child indoors to warm up. If they would like to return outside, allow them another 40 minutes or less before bringing them in for another warm-up.
  • Yellow Zone
    20-30 degrees are classified into our Yellow Zone. During these temperatures it is still okay for your child to play outside, just be cautious. You will still want to look for chills or shivering, which may occur sooner than it would in green zone temps. Once again layer your child in warm clothes. We recommend reducing their playtime to 30 minutes with a warm-up break in between if they wish to go back outside.
  • Red Zone
    Below 20 degrees. Keep your child indoors. For young children playing in these extreme temperatures can be dangerous. If you have to go outdoors for short periods of time that is fine but do not prolong your child being outdoors during Red Zone temperatures.

Too Cold For Kids in Waterford?

Be sure to take other factors such as snow or wind chill into consideration when determining whether or not to take your child outside. Wind chills will reduce the real feel temperature and can cause premature coldness while playing outdoors. If there is snow on the ground, nine times out of ten your child will be playing in it. Check their gloves or hats to ensure that they are not wet, and check their hands and toes for iciness.

Keep in mind that if you are too uncomfortable to be outside bundled up, then your child probably is too. We want to make sure that children are safe from extreme temperatures this year and every year by paying attention to the weather.

Finally, contact us if you are unsure about what types of clothing to pack your child for cold days at Paradigm! Visit us in Waterford or Canton today!