Start Off 2023 Right!

Event Calendar

2023 is now upon us, and with every new year, people are excited about a fresh start.  Paradigm Care & Enrichment Center provides a nurturing and caring environment for your child to learn and thrive in. Each month we plan out events that will benefit all the children at our facilities.

January 2023 and Beyond

Each month we lay out events and projects to help keep your child engaged in learning. This January we start with a family project of building a snowman.  In addition, we offer a Pasta Fundraiser. This helps raise funds while providing great food for all the families.

The week of January 23rd through January 27th is always a fun one for all the kids. Each day has themes that kids can participate in. Days such as Crazy Hair Day, Character Shirt Day, Hat Day, Mismatch/Backwards Day, and always a favorite, Pajama Day. This is just the start of the year. Each month will have different activities and events.

2023 Menu

Of course, while at Paradigm, all those kids can get pretty hungry. We provide a lunch menu for every day Monday through Friday.  Lots of favorites such as spaghetti, mac and cheese, and pizza rolls will be available. Also, breakfast is available every day and is served until 7:45 am. Breakfast has the following but varies from day to day: bagels and cream cheese, sausage with pancakes, sausage with waffles, milk and much more.

New Year New Excitement

Exciting things are in store for Paradigm Care and Enrichment Center! If you would like a tour or register your child for Paradigm please visit our enrollment page today! Finally, we are always looking for qualified candidates to join the team at Paradigm. If you would like to be a Paradigm caregiver, please apply here today.