Preparing Your Children For Cold Weather

Preparing Your Children For Cold Weather

The winters in Michigan can range from average to absolutely brutal. Each year you need to make sure your children are prepared for the cold weather. With winter breaks and kids’ love of snow, sometimes it is just not possible to keep them indoors all winter. We put together some tips to help you and your children deal with the winter weather.

Cold Weather And The Outdoors

The most obvious advice is to keep your kids indoors. If the wind chill gets to -16° or worse, they should stay inside for the day. In addition, these temperatures can freeze exposed skin causing frostbite. Of course, it will not be that cold all winter, so on days a little warmer make sure your kids use the buddy system if an adult is not there to supervise. Always have a friend, sister, or brother looking out for each other in the cold.

Also, make sure your kids play close to a house or warm shelter so they can quickly warm up if needed. Staying dry is another concern. Snow is fun, but it can make your clothes wet and damp in no time. One option is to make sure your kids layer their clothing. Also, make sure to have warm hats and gloves at all times. Waterproof boots with extra socks are always a good idea as well.

Winter Playing And Sledding

There are some things to look out for in the winter such as snowplows and snow blowers. Keep your kids away fences, roads, and water. Roadside snow banks may look fun, but for safety keep them away from those. When sledding, make sure small children 5 and under always go with a partner. Also, make sure the sled has good handholds and no sharp edges. Again sled in safe parks or areas, not on snowbanks near the road.

Of course, these are just a few tips for kids in the cold weather months. At Paradigm Care & Enrichment Center, we supervise all our outdoor activities for children and make sure they have proper attire no matter the time of year. If you would like to visit Paradigm contact us today or give us a call at 248-363-9600 for Waterford or 734-354-9600 for Canton.

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