The Scholastic Book Fair

scholastic book fair

The Scholastic Book Fair has become an integral event for schools across the United States. Although there are many types of book fairs, Scholastics focuses on young readers. Since the beginning of the book fair, it has introduced children to books and allow them to benefit from reading at a younger age. In addition, children learn the joy of reading.

History of the Scholastic Book Fair

In 1920, the Scholastic Corporation was founded. Since the beginning, Scholastic has focused on publishing books and magazines for young readers. In the process, Scholastic bought small competitors to help with publication. The corporation grew into the largest operation of children’s book fairs. During the 1980s, school book fairs were a competitive and secretive industry. Although there were a variety of organizers, Scholastic was number 1. Over the year, thousand of their book fairs would occur in the United States. Today, Scholastics Corporation’s book fairs are still the best in the country.

Benefits of Early Age Reading

Book Fair

The Scholastic Corporation’s focus on books and magazines for young readers proves the importance of reading. Language is the most fundamental tool that people have. It is the foundation of communication. As a result, reading is one of the best ways to master it. All people should develop a reading habit. However, young children benefit the most from reading.

The introduction of reading at an early age helps kids reach a variety of developmental milestones. These developments provide amazing benefits as they continue to grow. Some of these benefits include:

  • Cognitive Development
  • Improved Vocabulary
  • Increase in Empathy
  • Bonding between Parent and Child
  • Increases Curiosity
  • Developing Concentration
  • Creativity
  • Reduces Screen Time

In an era of technology, it is important to take the time to read with children. While reading, children spend less time on screens and also bond with the person reading to them. In addition, it helps develop an interest in books and creates a lasting reading habit. For parents, preparing their child for reading is important.

Upcoming Virtual Scholastic Book Fair at Paradigm

Paradigm is always dedicated to developing lifelong learners. This includes lifetime readers. This is why Paradigm host Scholastic Book Fairs at our schools. From September 27 to October 1, there will be a virtual book fair. During this virtual fair, parents and students will be able to interact with a colorful, virtual book page. Children will be able to interact with their favorite book characters. You will be able to access 300 popular books including exclusive book trailers and more!

So, join our Book Fair and help your children become lifelong readers!