The Importance of Flu Shots for Your Child

With the flu season coming up, it is necessary to take all precautions. Also, it is good to learn the importance of flu shots for your child and other family members. Here is a list of things that may keep your family healthy: Wash hands frequently. This is a very common method of fighting germs […]

Preparing for Flu Season At Paradigm Child Care

It’s that time of year again when the weather gets colder and flu season begins. We here at Paradigm are ready and here with some great tips. Our flu season procedures include sanitizing highly trafficked surfaces such as doorknobs and light switches and washing hands frequently. We’ve also been teaching the children different life skills […]

School Aged Program At Paradigm Child Care

Here at Paradigm, we encourage parents to keep us informed of their child’s progress after they’ve left our program. We love to hear about how our students have grown and the milestones they’ve crossed. One way that we stay in touch with our old students is through our school-aged program. Our school age program is perfect […]

Infant Day Care Program In Waterford

Give your child a great start to quality at Paradigm Care and Enrichment Center. Our Waterford child care center has been ranked with 4 out of 4 stars for having a great child care program. Paradigm Care and Enrichment Center received a perfect score from a Great Start to Quality in the following categories: Curriculum […]

Summer Day Care Program at Paradigm Childcare!

Looking for something for your child(ren) to do this summer? Here at the Paradigm Child Enrichment and Day Care Center, we are offering a Summer Day Care Program for kids K-7th grade. School age children are able to participate in activities such as reading and writing, cooking projects, arts and crafts, play writing and acting, […]