Hearing Loss In Young Children

When you think of hearing loss, you generally think of elderly adults and hearing aids as a natural part of aging. Even though hearing loss is common among aging older adults, children can also suffer from acute hearing loss as well. Hearing problems can be a detriment to a child’s development if not caught early […]

March is Reading Month!

Creating a love for reading is something that has to be encouraged and cultivated in young and developing minds. Children are like sponges, they’ll soak up any and all information you give them, good and bad. Knowing this you can help teach them to have a positive view of reading that will carry on as […]

February Announcements

We here at Paradigm want to keep you informed about everything going on at each of our locations. So we decided to write about them on our blog. February has a lot of fun activities and events going on, plus February means Valentine’s day parties for all the classes! We’re excited to share all the […]

Sickness and Childcare

Children get sick, it’s just a fact of life. Getting out of the house and out in public exposes your child to a high number of germs every day. Sickness and childcare, do not run hand in hand. You’d be surprised how many germs they are exposed to in the simplest places from grocery stores, […]

Creating Holiday Traditions with Your Child

Ideas for New Holiday Traditions Nothing creates memories like holiday traditions with your child. When celebrating the holiday traditions will carry on year after year. Making your own family’s traditions can be fun and exciting, which is why we came up with a few ideas for some traditions for your family! Holiday Books When it’s that […]