The Scholastic Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair has become an integral event for schools across the United States. Although there are many types of book fairs, Scholastics focuses on young readers. Since the […]

ZONO The Ultimate Sanitizing Cabinets At Paradigm

Sanitizing and cleaning a classroom has always been important. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, preventing the spread of diseases has become essential. However, most daycares’ cleaning process only does the bare […]

The Importance Of Family Time For Kids

The relationship between parent and child is essential. While the way people interact has changed, the importance of family time for kids hasn’t. Although people know they need quality time […]

Enriching Child Care Employment at Paradigm

  Nothing is more fulfilling than being in child care employment. Whether you are a floater, an assistant, or a lead teacher, the interactions you have with children are life-changing. […]

Steps To Help Your Child Prepare For Reading

Even if your child isn’t reading quite yet, it’s never too soon to help them prepare for reading. From learning and recognizing letters to learning about the world around them, […]